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Terms And Condition




Eazyweb Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions, which you agree to in signing up for Eazyweb.

As a user of Eazyweb you accept that by using this site you agree that Z Web Solutions assumes no responsibility for the nature or content of anything contained on this Web site and disclaims all liability in respect of such nature or content. Use of this site is subject to the following Terms and Conditions of Use.

1.    Eazyweb

Eazyweb is provided by Z Web Solutions (the “Company”), which provides its services to you, subject to the following Terms and Conditions ("TACS"), which may be updated by the Company from time to time without notice to you.

The Client understands that the Eazyweb package is a service that will be started by the signing of the relevant contractual agreement. The program is a subscription based service that requires specific information from the Client in order to run the program fully. The Client understands that Eazyweb solutions are provided on the basis of a revolving 12 month subscription service and are based around a number of individual services and software features that are combined to provide a full working solution. The individual services provided are:

License to use 1 domain names for the term of the agreement.

Email facility for the domain name.

12-month Eazyweb user license based on service level stated on Application.

Basic website design service based around choosing existing templates available within the Eazyweb Software and subject to all terms stated here.

Secure website hosting facility for Eazyweb website with unlimited bandwidth usage allowance.

Telephone and email support during the working hours of 9am – 5.30pm, Monday till Friday, excluding public holidays and two weeks Christmas shut down.


The Company requires all information requested for the Eazyweb website via email. This includes website layout choice, colour scheme, website settings and website content. The Company will not enter content on behalf of the Client. The neglect to provide all relevant information or data will result in the Client being invoiced for all subscription fees payable for the term of the service.

The Company is aware of the difficulties that clients may have sending information via a web interface, so aid will be given voluntarily. However, the Client must understand that a fee will be charged for the provision of this aid.
The Company will make these charges clear to the Client before aid is provided.

Once the set-up wizard has been completed, the Client understands that all other information and images are to be provided as requested by
The Company. The Client understands that once all information has been given, the design operation will begin.

The Client understands that Eazyweb websites will be aimed to be set-up within a six working week period.
The Company accepts no liability for its failure to do so.

The Client acknowledges that all Eazyweb websites are designed using existing templates available to the Client. These templates are fixed in layout and as part of the design service included within the package the Client will have flexibility over the colour scheme, logo and images used on the website. The Client will not have the right to modify the layout and structure of the website without incurring additional fees.

In the event where the Client does not wish to use any of the available templates included within the Eazyweb set up, the Client can opt to have a new theme designed for an additional cost, which will be priced at the time of request. This service is regarded as a Custom Application Development Service and will be provided subject to the details on the Application form.

The Client acknowledges that s(he) is notified about the location of their website and is informed about what information is required in order to make the website complete. The Client understands that any changes to the website, for example, colour/images/etc, will not warrant any extra charges. However, any re-structuring or reprogramming of features will require extra work and extra charges.

The Client is completely responsible for the design format of their website. The Client agrees that they are held accountable to any future changes to the website once it has been given a location or published.
The Client understands that s(he) are responsible for any modifications to the website information, using the management console.

There are yearly fees made payable to
The Company for such services as the maintaining of the website and renewing of the user licence. The Client understands that any extra work or upgrades will result in additional charges or annual or monthly renewal fees.

The Client agrees to pay the yearly subscription fee prior to the website going live on the Internet. In situations where Client is in breach of any of the terms listed,
The Company reserves the right to cancels the agreement. Cancellations from Clients must be received within the 12th month of each revolving 12-month term.

The Client acknowledges that by cancelling the service, the client will not be able to retain a copy of the website and host it elsewhere. The Client can retain all images provided by the Client.

The Client acknowledges the Eazyweb service operates as a content management system and therefore the client cannot have FTP access to the website at any time.


The Company will supply a Customer Service Team that is readily available to offer aid to the client with regards to the Eazyweb service. The opening times are Monday to Friday, 9.00 – 17.30 excluding public holidays and a two week office shutdown during the Christmas period.

Z Web Solutions make no representations to maintain 100% availability of the website on the Internet and the Client acknowledges that at certain times the service may be disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.
The Company will aim to minimise downtime but cannot guarantee 100% uptime.

The Eazyweb service is designed to provide a complete service for organisations requiring a non catalogue based updateable website with enquiry facilities. Clients purchasing the Eazyweb are fully aware of this and all the features available with the package at time of purchase by reviewing the feature list on all documentation provided by
The Company.

All intellectual property rights to the websites designed and maintained by
The Company using the software solution provided by The Company belong to The Company at all times including after termination of any service subscription.

Clients understand and agree that all solutions supplied by Eazyweb may involve a link exchange, system which exchanges links to other websites using the same system. Clients acknowledge that
The Company reserve the right to create hidden links to any website using the same software system in order to enhance the performance of all sites using the same software system.


The Company reserves the right to replace the software service at anytime with an advanced version. The Client is obligated to upgrade to a package offered by The Company in order to maintain services. The Client acknowledges and accepts that the fees payable for an upgraded version may be higher than that paid by the Client already. Refusal to upgrade can result in total withdrawal of services including removal of the website and all related services. In the event of an upgrade The Company will be responsible for any modifications required to be made to the Clients website to ensure compatibility with any new software features or version introduced.